Three Myths About Online Learning


The Jubilee Academy

Online learning uses cutting edge technology and proven teaching techniques to provide learners with a top notch education that caters to the way today's children learn most efficiently. Online learning is gaining popularity among learners and parents alike. As a result, there are myths about online learning that are emerging.

In this article, we will explore five common myths about online learning and explain why they are completely untrue.

Parents Want Strictness

Some online learning programs brag about the rigorousness of their programs and then wonder why families are dropping out of their courses in droves because of the rigidness of the curriculum. Parents and students are looking for an online learning program that is engaging and challenging. The mistake many online learning programs make is concentrating their efforts on creating difficult curriculum, instead of using creativity to engage learners. Parents and students value an individualized educational experience that is tailored to their particular needs and goals. Many online learning programs give lip service to the term individualized education, and few deliver the excellence in education that parent and learners are seeking when they begin homeschooling.

Virtual Schools Can Accommodate Everyone

In your search for an online learning program, you will find that there are a lot of companies that are trying to please everyone. This just isn't possible. Most online programs are more concerned with the number of learners they attract and the money they make than the quality of education they provide learners. Online learning started out with the premise that programs could provide learners with an cutting edge education that far exceeded that of the public schools. In their efforts to make money and attract students some online learning programs have cast aside what made them unique in comparison to public schools, their ability to tailor a learner's education to the individual needs of the learners. Online learning programs need to focus on providing excellence in education for the learners that can benefit from this style of learning and work to optimize their educational experience. This approach won't bring in large numbers of learners, but it will restore online learning to it's original goals.

The Decision to Join an Online Program is Completely Intellectual

Online learning programs often promote their courses based on statistics and cost vs. stressing actual learning. The decision to homeschool is as much an emotional and spiritual decision as it is an intellectual one. Homeschoolers aren't merely concerned with their child's IQ, they desire an education that will address the emotional and spiritual education of their children as well as their academic education. Online learning programs need to put as much focus on emotional and spiritual education as they do academic content to give online learners a well rounded education. Parents are more concerned with their child's emotional and spiritual well being than they are high scores on standardized tests.

Online learning requires a self motivated individual who is eager to achieve his or her goals. Online learning is not for everyone, and parents and learners need to prayerfully consider what type of learning best suits that particular learner.


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